A hackathon (aka hack day, hackfest or codefest) is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, collaborate intensively on a software project. Hackathons provide a wonderful opportunity to learn, share, contribute and build your network. With the opportunity to win fabulous prizes and build lifelong friendships, what better way is there to spend your summer? The hackathon is open to all skill levels. Team roles may include, but are not limited to: Documentation, Developing your pitch, Marketing Plan, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Front End Development, Backend Development, Team Lead, Mentorship.

The Cascadia PHP Conference will be hosting a Twilio Sponsored Hackathon for Good event this year. Join us and your fellow participants to use your skills and knowledge for the benefit of local charities. The hackathon has a registration fee of $5 that will be donated to one or more charities at the end of the event. Please, register for a hackathon ticket at Cascadia PHP.

The hackathon will start on Thursday, September 19th at 10am. Teams will have until Friday, September 20th at 5pm to submit their project. Food and drink will be available during the hackathon on Thursday from 10am until 10pm. Demos will be presented at the Cascadia PHP after party on Friday, September 20th. All Hackathon participants are invited to join the after party.

Twilio is also sponsoring FREE tickets to the full Cascadia PHP Conference to underrepresented devs such as women, PoC, LGBTQ+, and those w disabilities! Apply Today or share with others that may benefit.


Supported Non-Profits:

  • Coverd Diaper Banks
    • WHO: HappyBottoms is Kansas City's Diaper Bank. Its mission is to collaborate with community partners to empower, connect and impact low-income families by alleviating diaper need in the Kansas City community. HappyBottoms's vision is to positively impact the mental, physical and financial stability of a family in crisis and need through diaper assistance, education, and connection to services. Learn More at https://www.happybottoms.org
    • WHAT: Coverd is an open source Symfony/Vue.js web application that manages the inventory and distribution of donated goods in a Bank -> Partner -> Client model. While this app was developed for diaper banks, our intent is for Coverd to be product agnostic. Learn More Here

  • Cat Adoption Team
    • WHO: Cat Adoption Team works to connect homeless cats with loving new families and to support those relationships over time. Life is better with a cat, so we want to make life better for them! Learn More at https://catadoptionteam.org/services/
    • WHAT: We will be building a custom report application to automate the processes that will free up people to do the work and make the connections that support relationships.

If you have another non-profit that could use our help, everyone is welcome to Submit their Charity Suggestion to be considered by the hackathon leadership. If you would like to put together your own team and/or support a specific charity, please make sure to let the leadership know hackathon@cascadiaphp.com

Important Dates:

  • September 8: Catering Order turned in. ( If you want to make sure there’s enough food, you should make sure you’re registered by now ;) )
  • September 19: Hackathon starts at 10 am runs all day and includes lunch and dinner
  • September 20 @ 6pm: Cascadia PHP After party and Hackathon


Participation is open to all individuals of all skill levels who agree to our Code of Conduct and are willing and able to contribute their time and unique skills to help the non-profits that will be supported at the event.

Team roles may include but are not limited to: Documentation, Developing your pitch, Marketing Plan, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Front End Development, Backend Development, Team Lead, Mentor

If you have suggestion for a non-profit you would like to see benefit from this event, please Submit your Charity Suggestion


Your project must support one of our selected non-profit entities. Any code or collateral you would like considered in your submission should be submitted using the devpost site. You are encouraged to link to a public Git repository if possible.

Hackathon Sponsors


Fun Twilio Sponsored Prizes (100)

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Alena Holligan

Alena Holligan

Margaret Staples

Margaret Staples

Judging Criteria

  • Move the projects forward
    We are looking to help these non-profits get the help they need to make their work easier.

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